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1.  To establish, construct and manage Orphanages, Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions including (engineering and medical) is policy of the government/authorities for the education of orphan and destitute boys and girls of all communities, especially the poor, socially and educationally backward, oppressed and economically weaker section of the society.

2.   To encourage and impart moral education to boys and girls of all communities along with contemporary general, technical and professional education in the said institutions.

3.  To open charitable diagnostic centers, poly-clinic, dispensaries, Hospitals and health centers where free of cost treatment will be provided to the poor , orphans, Widows , handicapped and other oppressed sections of the society.

4.  To provide free education to the destitute children especially orphan and from the socio-economical backward community. To affiliate to or partner with different boards/University in order to confer degrees/certificates/ to the students studying at these educational institutions. To integrate education and research schools and provide professional training to the students to improve quality and methodology of education, whereby students will get  endowed with high profession and full creativity.

5.  To avail vocational education at schools in relation to Orphan and poor students , career selection and guidance counseling.

6.  To organize social welfare programme for the physically handicapped, the disabled and the mentally retarded persons.

7.  To provide assistance, help and to run the welfare projects for the orphans, handicapped, disabled, widows, poor, needy, old, infirm, aged persons and those persons who reside in slums.

8.   To provide food, clothing, shelter and other necessary relief and assistance to deserving orphan and particularly to destitute children.

9.   To avail opportunities for the children to prepare or enroll or engage themselves in any profession, employment or service, and to provide them the necessary clothing or educational expenses or other facilities.

10. To  promote, arrange, organize and hold exhibitions, lectures, conferences, symposiums and workshops, classes debates, seminars, excursions, and any other activity for the achievement of the objectives of the institute.

11. To provide financial assistance to students from the orphan, poor, backward, oppressed disabled and economically weaker sections of the society and encourage them for self employment.

12.  To achieve all round development , growth and progress of the people through promotion of education, health, uplift of self, moral foundation and by promotion of moral values and social and physical aspects of life.

13. To assist public and private organization devoted to social cause and further, to assist him in implementing the programs which shall be useful to different social streams in the country.

14. To establish and manage financial institutions, to provide financial assistance, proper guidance, coaching and instructions to educated orphan's, poor, backward and unemployed people in general and the targeted groups in particular so as to raise their standard of living.

15. To launch projects for the welfare of the volunteers who render their services through all other non-governmental organizations including this society.

16. To care, protect and rehabilitate socially disabled constituents physically and mentally and physically handicapped for effective social functioning .

17. To aid schems for the old age ,widow and destitute women, dependent children, disabled persons, the flow of benefits to widow women in the three core sections of education, health and employment. For the development of disadvantaged children in child-right issues like child labour, female infanticide, child abuse, early childhood care and education through direct intervention programs with children training, advocacy and action oriented research and progressive elimination of child labour from all sections of employment.

18. To tie up with corporate/ individual donors, sponsors in order to generate sustained resources for the installation and maintenance of the infrastructure and educational, social and technical service to the orphan children and of socio backward families.

19. To work for developing love, affection, brotherhood and unity among the mankind.

The state has for last two decades been entirely enduring the ever-increasing, crucial and heartrending situation. What to do and why to do? Are two important questions seeking a positive answer from the philanthropists and well-wishers of the humanity.

The answer of the first question is simple. The state has been Victimized by the political unrest for last 63 years. The signs of anger and symptoms of reprisal started to show their vent from 1987 of a complicit army struggle with the result the world has seen   a piercing destruction of the thousand of peopled places, massacre  of more than one lakh persons and lose of innumerable property.

To help the needy and indigent people with out any  discrimination of religion, race and region is the duty of the sympathizers of humanity and the whole globe is their jurisdiction.

The answer of the 2nd question needs practical answer. Different social and non-governmental organizations are working in the field of “help”at this time and to information, a few N.G.O’s are mobile and busy in the field of welfare of the destitute people of the state. J&K Yateem Khaanah is an important  constituent of this campaign of relief.