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Our Mission

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Our Mission is to reach out to the disadvantaged & underprivileged section of our community which comprises of Orphans, Widows & Destitute. We don't consider these our 'Target Group' but integral part of our existence whose misery & sufferings haunt minds & souls of every humane hearted human being.
Our endeavor is to take this mission ahead by facilitating them better life with dignity wherein orphans, widows & other destitute live an honourable & happy life while having minimum levels of subsistence besides access to shelter, education & healthcare facilities.
With one study saying that J&K has over 02.14 Lakh orphans, therefore the challenge remains a formidable one. Reaching out to this gigantic number with minimum facilities of day to day life & survival, needs immense resources, consistent efforts & extra-ordinary steadfastness in this direction.
Thousands of widows are living in abject misery facing the same hard challenges of day to day life. Here, humane intervention is much needed to create favourable conditions for their welfare & rehabilitation.
The increasing number of orphan & poor unmarried girls having crossed the ideal marriageable age, is a formidable challenge which warrants immediate, coordinated & consistent practical measures to provide them succor for honourable & dignified life.
Our Mission may be a big dream but those who dream great goals ultimately succeed in making their dreams come true.
We have faith in Almighty Allah for success of our MISSION.